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Abbey’s Purple Winged Angels is dedicated to developing a community of parents, teachers, coaches, employers, therapists, entrepreneurs, and others who influence youth, together for one purpose – TO MOVE YOUTH INTO PRODUCTIVE, MEANINGFUL, JOYFUL LIVES. Dr. Kim’s XtraOrdinary Youth provides Platforms and Programs to make this happen.

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Your Youth May Be In Crisis

Dear Community:

Every day 5000 youth in the U.S. attempt to end their own lives. By the end of every year 6,000 of these youth succeed. Sadly, my beautiful daughter Abbey was one of those 6,000 in the year 2012. Of those who don’t succeed some turn to drugs, alcohol, cutting, sex, or other forms of destructive behaviors to numb their pain.

I am an educational psychologist with almost 15 years as a tenured associate professor of psychology and early childhood education. How did I miss the signs of my own daughter’s emotional pain? I went searching for the answer to this question and I discovered that 48% of youth living in America are living in stressful and traumatic environments. And more importantly, this 48% include youth that we tend to think are okay. I call children like Abbey the invisible kids, who are crying out for help, silently! We see them as being fed, clothed, loved, and cared for– so what aren’t they getting?

I figured it out and now my goal is to share my knowledge and solution with everyone and anyone who will listen, so we can work together to END THIS MADNESS. I couldn’t save my own child…Perhaps I can save yours or a child you care about. That’s why I created Dr. Kim’s XtraOrdinary Youth programs. They are designed to provide youth the skills to think well, make the best decisions, and use behaviors that get them what they really need and want, for the rest of their lives. Parents discover what works to get their children to listen to them and deal effectively with them especially when they are in crisis.

Love & Blessings,
Dr. Kim

All You Have To Do Is BLINK – Red Flags TEENS ARE AT RISK

Youth are lost! Youth are being influenced by society that is leaving them more confused, and youth are unhappier than any other time in history. And most parents don’t know what to do to help their children and often think this is the norm.

If you have a youth that you can’t communicate with, shuts most adults down, isn’t living up to his or her potential, and/or acts out, then it’s time to SUPPORT them – Because, believe me when I say… ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BLINK… and it could be too late! The RED Flag Warning is front and center and our youth need IMMEDIATE support. But it’s got to be different than what they’ve been getting.

What do youth need to thrive?

As adults, we all want our children to grow up and thrive! For this to happen youth need YOUR TIME … paired with OUR PROGRAM. This winning formula provides you and your youth with the experiences and the roadmap to build the lives they were born to live, really want to live, and deserve to live — XtraOrdinary Lives!

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