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Our Vision

We envision a world where caregivers of youth work together to build extraordinary youth—Mentally and emotionally healthy youth with positive self-images, and the pivotal skills that support youth in discovering who they were born to be, really want to be, and deserve to be.

Our Mission

Our mission is to move youth into productive, meaningful, joyful lives.

Our How

We accomplish our mission by providing youth, their parents, their teachers, their coaches, and the child welfare system the programs with the strategies that support youth. These programs allow youth to explore, discover, identify, and implement their true identity, purpose, and places of belonging, so they can be true to who they are and what they stand for. This is the magic formula for living a productive, meaningful, joyful life.

Our Why

Our children are our greatest resource. 48% of children are in crisis. We need to stand by them and guide them. By supporting them, we make the world a better place for our own children, our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren, and future generations.

It is out of the minds of our youth that challenges will be effectively, efficiently, and successfully solved to support life and the planet that nurtures life.

Our Credo

  • We believe that a nation’s young people are a nations’ greatest resource — allowing a young person to wither or die is NOT acceptable!
  • We believe that we can’t know when, where, are from whom the next great leap for mankind comes.
  • We believe that mental and emotional health of our youth are critical to the survival of the human species.
  • We believe that no law, no policy, no guideline, developed by those in power, will work to control mentally and emotionally unstable human behaviors that harm the lives of other humans.
  • We believe that when one young person’s mental and emotional health is harmed, all of society is harmed.
  • We believe that it is not up to someone else to solve our nation’s problems and challenges, it is up to us the common citizen.
  • We believe that solving problems before they occur is better than reacting to problems after they occur and cause harm.
  • We believe that society and our nation is healthier when we develop healthier youth who are moved into productive, joyful, meaningful lives.
  • We believe that all youth

Who are Extraordinary Youth and Why are they So Important to Our World?

Extraordinary youth are those who are mentally and emotionally healthy, have positive self-images, self-regulation, self-control, self-assertion skills, confidence, and creativity to identify and carry out steps to reach their goals and live their dreams, despite challenges. Extraordinary youth become extraordinary adults, who make positive contributions to their own lives, the lives of their families, their communities, their nations, and their world. Most important, extraordinary youth have the empathy and social skills needed to work successfully in a diverse world to make it a better place for all!

I think the mistake we make is by believing that money and things money buys brings us joy. Joy comes from within and is a consistent part of our lives when we find our true purpose. No one in the world can tell us who we are meant to be, for that is discovered only by the exploration of the person. When we focus on supporting youth in discovering their purpose and further support them in taking the steps needed to live that purpose, we are taking a proactive step in making the world an amazing place to live. This is a far better approach than the reactionary approaches we take when tragedies occur that capture our attention on the news.

Dr. Kim

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