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Assessment For Organizations Serving Youth

Take your organizations to the next level. Did you know that every time a member of your organization interacts with at-risk-youth, they have an opportunity to provide incredible learning opportunities to them? Is your organization using positive youth guidance (trauma-informed practices) that support emotional safety and build youths’ intellectual, creative, emotional, and social skills? How effective is your organization at providing at-risk-youth with a positive self-image, self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-regulation? Is your organization doing everything in it’s power to move youth into productive, meaningful, joyful lives?

Instructions: Answer false, sometimes true, or always true for each of the 6 items below. Assign the number 1 to all false statements, assign the number 2 to statements that are sometimes true, and assign the number 3 to statements that are always true. Add up your total score and use the scoring assessment to determine the complimentary video prepared to benefit you best.

1 = False   2 = Sometimes True   3 = Always True


Score Organization Assessment:
6 – 18

Scores between 6 – 14 indicate that you may want some support in providing youth the types of learning opportunities that move them into productive, meaningful, joyful lives. Watch the video below to discover the power of positive youth guidance and receive some complimentary strategies to get you started.

Scores between 15 – 18 indicate you have begun providing opportunities that move youth into productive, meaningful, joyful lives. Watch the video below to discover how your organization can score 18 consistently by adding these complimentary strategies. Would you like to be a guest and share your stories on XtraordinaryYouth.TV? If so click here.

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