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Let’s Build Extraordinary Youth Together

  • Are your teens on track to a truly extraordinary life?
  • Do you wonder whether you are getting through to them and giving them what they really need?
  • Do you find yourself concerned about any of their behaviors?
  • Do you know when your teen has crossed the line and technology is using them rather than the other way around?

This is a book about building positive self-image in young people, why doing so matters, and STRATEGIES to do it.  This book will make you cry, laugh, learn, and hopefully move you into action.  Dr. Kim developed the Brain Waving System to give adults the strategies they need to move teens back to living in reality.  Yes, reality, the only place where young people can explore, discover, contribute, and play to discover how truly remarkable their lives can be when they pay attention to where they are and where they want to go.  Imagine what homes, schools, communities, work places, and places of worship would look like if we all stopped texting and gave our undivided attention to each other.  With the right strategies it is possible and FUN.

Author Biography

Dr. Kim has dedicated the last 15 years of her life training well over 8,000 college aged students in best principles and strategies for moving youth into productive, meaningful, joyful lives.

Emerita of Psychology and Early Childhood Education, youth advocate, teen resiliency builder, consultant of parents and others working with youth, author, inspirational speaker, and founder of Abbey’s Purple Winged Angels Foundation- a global organization dedicated to providing ALL youth with the opportunities and experiences they need to discover who they were born to be, what they were born to do, and empower them with strategies to live the lives of their choosing and find significance as members of society.

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