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How To Get Happy: 3 Strategies For Youth

How To Get Happy: 3 Strategies For Youth

You know the song “Happy” by Will Ferrell where everyone in the video, young and old, is dancing and you just can’t help but feel happy while listening to it? Well, what if you could feel that happy all day long, everyday (ok, most days)? That’s what I want for you!

Did you know that happiness is not something that happens to you? Good news, happiness is something you can have control over. This blog covers 3 strategies to guide you to getting that happy state back your life anytime you want.

Get Happy Strategy 1

Do you know this word? Virtues. Virtues are the standards by which you live. Guess what? They are also the foundation of happiness. Let me explain. Watch this video and explore how virtues play an important role daily, create your identity, and start forming a solid life of happiness.

Get Happy Strategy 2

Yes, this video is about discovering your purpose. But wait; no need to feel like a “deer in headlights.” You’ve got lots of time to discover your purpose. This video will inspire you to tune into your natural talents and interests and help you start navigating purposefully in your life.

Get Happy Strategy 3

Pay attention to how you feel when in different situations- know where you do and don’t belong.

Summary: 3 Strategies For Youth For A Happy Life

Here’s a quick summary to tie these three strategies together. My wish for you and your fellow youth is to live as abundantly happy as you truly desire. Your voice, your life, and your presence matters.

Have a question or concern about these strategies and your happiness, contact Dr. Kim today.

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