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Online Programs

We offer online and in person programs. To learn more and/or bring a workshop to your community, please contact us here.

1 Claiming Yourself 

Who Am I?

The world needs each of us to shine our light.  Participants enjoy the experience of exploring and discovering who they were born to be; and practice using their discoveries to think, decide, and behave in ways that get them what they really need, want, and deserve. The journey within is the most powerful adventure we choose—for this is the quest that provides the roadmap to making our dreams, our reality! This is a workshop that empowers participants.


2 Design Your Life On Your Terms.  

What is my purpose?

Too many at-risk youth make decisions by responding to culture and peer pressure. They wind up frustrated, lost, angry, and form harmful habits. This can be prevented and reversed. In this workshop, participants are given exciting opportunities to peel back the layers of the onion to discover their unique gifts.  Participants learn steps, strategies, and tools to use these gifts to build productive, meaningful, joyful lives.

3 The Time Machine. 

Where do I belong?

This workshop takes participants into the future to look at the types of lives that are possible. Participants are given unique experiences and opportunities to create and imagine living out their own stories as members of a society.

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