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On this page you’ll find the links to resources for guiding youth to leading joyful lives. These resources are for parents, teachers, youth, coaches, and anyone who is concerned about a child they love.

Parenting Strategies – Free Video Series

  • Are you struggling to communicate and reach your teen?
  • Do you wish you had better skills to motivate your kids?
  • Would you like to know how to support your youth to engage and be happier?

Dr. Kim’s Parenting Strategies Video Series offers you 18 snackable videos that help navigate the world of giving youth what they truly need to live meaningful joy filled lives and having fulfilling relationships with their parents. Sign up to receive these videos here.

Ask Dr. Kim

Got a question for Dr. Kim? Ask your question anonymously or apply to dialogue with her on her show XtraOrdinaryYouth.TV on this form.

Dr. Kim’s Blog

Read Dr. Kim’s blog with articles for parents, teachers and teens.


Let’s Build Extraordinary Youth Together (coming 4th quarter 2018)

Learn more about her book.

XtraOrdinary Youth Programs

Learn more about Dr. Kim’s programs

XtraOrdinaryYouth TV

Watch Here as Dr. Kim shares parents’ stories, expert advice, and answers questions about raising and teaching children. Her show focuses on how to support the mental and emotional health of youth with tools and skills for healthy self-regulation, self-control, self-image, self-assertion, decision making, and confidence.

Assessments for Youth & Adults

Evaluate how well you are prepared to lead a joyful life or providing guidance to a youth to more purpose and positivity in their lives.

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