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I will never forget the feelings I had before I met Dr. Kim. I was certain I would have to drop my Child Development classes because I was struggling with English as a second language. I was petrified but I decided to speak with Dr. Kim after class and discuss my fears with respect to doing well in school because of my language barrier. Dr. Kim was very kind, encouraging, and told me I could call or email her to get clarification about issues I couldn’t understand lecture. When I think about what she said and its impact in my today and future life, I can’t thank enough for what life put in my way that day. The confidence my professor DR Kim Metcalfe gave me on that day have changed my whole life. From just taking ESL classes to becoming a successful student with 3.9 GPA transferring to UCLA or UCI this coming fall. She taught me how learning English could be just an obstacle to remove like any other difficulty in life. She has taught me how to be a better mom and how to be a better human being. In her classes I just haven’t learned about becoming a teacher or how to behave with children, I have learned lessons of life which have shaped a part of me and my character as a more passionate, more caring and a better human being. I am from Iran. When I became an American citizen, and I was invited to choose an American name, I chose the name Abigail. I could think of no better way to honor the person who gave me encouragement and hope when I needed it the most, the person who gave me the tools to make life in America into the dream we were told it could be—I chose Abigail to honor Dr. Kim and the daughter she lost.
Abigail Shayegun

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