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Dr. Kim is a dynamic instructor. She teaches the various principles and practices that teachers who plan to work with youth of any age must use to promote their positive self-images, positive self-esteem, and self-assertion. Dr. Kim used the same principles and practices we learned as her students to interact with us daily. Before taking classes with Dr. Kim, I had a difficult time standing up for myself. Because of my own upbringing and divorce, I often thought something was wrong with me. After taking classes with Dr. Kim I realized that I matter, how I feel matters, and how I think matters. I don’t need to be what others want me to be or expect me to be. Dr. Kim showed me the unconditional love that I never had from my own mother and had been missing since my grandmother passed away. Today, I know who I am, what I stand for, and that being me is good enough. I am a good mom to my daughter, because Dr. Kim taught us and modeled what good caregiving looks like. I honestly do not know where my daughter and I would be today if I had not met Dr. Kim

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