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Before meeting Dr. Kim, my brother and I had no support or guidance because all of our family lives in Mexico. My mother died giving birth to my baby brother. Shortly after my baby brother was born my alcoholic abusive father got a girlfriend and they threw me and my 18 year old brother out of the house. He no longer received government assistance for us and felt we were a burden. Dr. Kim changed my life. I learned from her that all people have a purpose, and finding it and living your own truth matters more than anything. Today I can say that my brother and I are successful young people making a difference by having a healthy family structure as a result of Dr. Kim’s wisdom and passion and Dr. Kim’s belief in us. My brother works and has an amazing daughter that he loves, adores, and cares for appropriately. I enjoy my work as a certificated preschool teacher.

It’s amazing to see what a difference I make in the lives of young people and their parents. My brother and I live life with a positive vibe. Dr. Kim gave more than words, tools, and strategies for self-discovery she gave my brother, his daughter, and me a place to belong, someone to turn to when we have concerns and questions. My brother and I learned to depend on each other, but now we have a family of support and love with Dr. Kim. I have learned that family comes from the heart not from blood. Dr. Kim has helped others as well and she brought us together as a family. Abel and I are not alone, we belong, we have a family now in our home country, thank you Dr. Kim.

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