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Before I met Dr. Kim, I felt defeated, somber, and stressed. I was in the midst of earning my Associate of Arts degree. I was living at home with my mother, but decided to move to my cousin’s home because I couldn’t handle the verbal , emotional, and physical abuse of my mother. When I began taking classes from Dr. Kim I learned strategies for positivity, and healthy quality development. These strategies took me from a defeated state to an energetic one. I began to see myself as having power to decide on the journey I wanted to take in my life, rather than a victim who was powerless to do anything about my challenges. I discovered much about myself from the techniques I learned from Dr. Kim as well as the techniques she used when she interacted with me. I finally learned that the way other people treat you is not a reflection of you, it is a reflection of them; it is absolutely okay to fail and make mistakes because it gives us opportunities to learn and grow; we can choose our family we aren’t stuck with one that hurts us; and working hard and having ethics is a great attribute. Today, I am using the tools I learned from Dr. Kim to make a better relationship with my father, have a minimal but positive relationship with my mother, take care of my health by choosing exercise, and quality foods, identify the types of people who are good for me and those who are not, to be true to my core principles every day, and to value myself and my purpose more than any material things. I’m kicking debt in the you know what, enjoying the now, and making a better future for myself— I know to walk away from places and people who do not resonate with me and provide me with a sense of belonging. “If I want it to be it is up to me!” Thank you, Dr. Kim for the gift of EMPOWERMENT!

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