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Dr. Kim taught me how to teach young children with the love and empathy they deserve. She taught us how to always consider the child’s perspective, and the needs attached to their emotions. Dr. Kim taught with so much passion and excitement that it made me passionate and excited to learn. There are so many tools and techniques to inspire young people to become their best selves, while guiding them in developing the life skills they need to live a good life. I aspire to be the kind of teacher that Dr. Kim was with us. I hope that one day I have a student who sees me the way I see Dr. Kim. Before taking classes with Dr. Kim I would not have known how to work with young people who are excessively demanding. These young people are angry, they yell, they harm themselves and others, they refuse to listen, and insist on getting their way. The classroom with these types of kids, can quickly become chaotic, and teachers might spend more time trying to control the environment than enjoying their job as teachers, and watching children explore, discover, and learn. When I have demanding, disruptive children in my class I immediately implement the tools, and techniques I learned in Dr. Kim’s classes— “there is always, always a goal behind misbehavior. As a teacher or a parent your job is not to tell young people how to feel, it is to help them identify their feelings, and the need attached that feeling, and the appropriate way to get their need met.” I don’t only teach this to my students, I use it in my own life. My life as a teacher and a parent is richer and more rewarding because of Dr. Kim’s classes, and her passion for what she does.

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