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I gladly write this testimonial for Dr. Kim, as she inspired me from the first class through the last class I took from her. I wanted to be like Dr. Kim, a person who inspires others and provides them with the tools they need to discover who they are at their core, and to be true to who they are. Dr. Kim was compassionate yet, she had high expectations of her students, which pushed me forward with my education. She believed in me and in all of her students. I always found myself doing the best job I could on every assignment. I wanted to master the tools and strategies that changed my life from a young women who wasn’t sure what she could do to a women who believed she could do anything she dreamed of doing. After earning my Associate of Arts degree with Dr. Kim, I transferred to California State University and earned my Bachelor’s degree. I continued my education and earned my Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I taught my first college level Early Childhood Education class for Moreno Valley College this past fall semester. My educational journey was long and challenging, but the tools and inspiration I had along the way came from Dr. Kim. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you, Dr. Kim for being that person who taught us and showed us how to accomplish our goals, and live our dreams. Yes, one step at a time. One day at a time. Then you arrive.

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